Whether its a quick cup of coffee, lunch order of chicken, or pasta to go. You’ll experience the most authentic and delicious Italian food around. With our attentive service, and fun homie feel, we are one of the go to restaurants for breakfast and lunch since 2010. 


Please Note: 

Due to food shortages, other ingredients maybe substituted.  

Stop in for one of our  

Cold Brew Coffees and check out our new menu.

Cafe Summer Hours: Monday – Thursday 7:00 am to 3 pm 

Friday 7:00 am to 2:30 pm

Cafe Online Ordering Hours : 

Monday – Thursday 7:00 am to 2:30 pm 

Friday 7:00 am  to 2:00 pm


235 Promenade Street, Providence RI 02908

  Phone: 401.273.6550 

Most of the drinks are focused on Nitro coffee so it’s good if you want an iced drink. They don’t carry mugs “for here” only take-away disposable cups so you should bring your own mug with you. They have like every kind of Snapple in their fridge and Coke products. Stays open later than other places in the area and the Wi-Fi is fast. It stayed nice and quiet here with only a couple of customers coming in to get stuff to-go. Only the TV with the news on and an occasional take out order paying. The heat was a on nice temperature and there were poinsettia flowers around for the holidays. There is Wi-Fi. Someone in another review complained that this isn’t a good place to work in a cafe; i disagree. It is a good place to work on a laptop. It has background noise similar to anywhere else you’d go that isn’t your own office. There are only a couple of outlets though so come already charged. Everything is reasonably priced in my opinion and there is also an ATM in here too. The restroom seems to be down the hallway a bit and not in this cafe.

Nicole B Garcia Avatar Nicole B Garcia

I love going here for a quick cold brew or one of their FANTASTIC breakfast or lunch sandwiches. Highly recommend their panini lunch sandwiches. It’s family owned by the sweetest family and a great local spot!

Kayla Layton Avatar Kayla Layton

great people and great food!!

Katie Kametz Avatar Katie Kametz